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Solitude & new green teas

What is on your mind these days? As for us, we are starting to think about the coming months' restoration and solitude.

In Japanese, there is only one word for being alone: "kodoku (孤独)," but this word is more akin to loneliness than solitude. The closest phrase might be "yuyujiteki (悠々自適)," which means "living by oneself free from worldly cares." This idea of peace from one's self, however, is not praised in Japanese culture, unless doing so shares a common purpose with society. It is an interesting distinction between Western and Eastern values.

On to tea things: our newest tea collection is now available on our online shop. We are working with the same tea farm as our last release—you will find a refreshed kukicha (this time, slightly more toasted) and three new senchas. We also worked with San Francisco-based ceramicist Earthen Shop to develop a number of tea and ceramics gift sets for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy them (and if you would like us to deliver the gifts on a certain date, just mention so in the comments section at checkout!).

Below, our pop-ups through the rest of the year. Please come and chat :)
  • Tomorrow, November 16, we will be serving tastings of our newest collection from 12-4 PM and are having a tea-infused cocktail launch party from 6-8 PM at Voyager's San Francisco outpost. Both Voyager's SF and LA locations will carry our teas and gift sets for the rest of the year. Please come and celebrate with us.
  • Starting December 1, we will begin weekly tea tastings on Sundays at our dear friend Legion SF. We have extended these tasting sessions to nearly an hour, and you will get to enjoy 3 teas from our collection. More info and reserve your spot here.

Our next letter will be at the end of the year. Until then,

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