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Introducing Sarah Koik Cups

The more you drink tea, the more you find your own rhythm and rituals. You may find yourself reaching for the same cup every morning: the one that has a slight chip on the lip, seeing more use than all your others despite them being the same. Unlike coffee, with its set of fairly standard brewing equipment, tea is incredibly personal, and I am careful to never tell someone how their tea set should look.

This is why I am so pleased to share with you a series of soda-fired tea cups by ceramicist Sarah Koik. Made of hand-thrown porcelain with slip brushed and sprayed during the firing process, many are just thin enough to be translucent when held to the light. Each cup is unique, never to be repeated in size, shape, or appearance. They make for perfect cups of sencha.

Sarah primarily makes sculptural pieces: pitchers and vases, trivets and jars—not part of her primary body of work, she began making cups purely for her own enjoyment. This fact underscores the cups' thoughtful details that one can only think of when the maker is the user: pleasant to hold, trimmed with a quiet foot, and ethereal in nature.

Tekuno Sarah Koik Tea Cups

Since each cup is unique, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or to inquire about a specific cup that you see. I would be more than happy to show them over Zoom and will be sharing videos of various cups on Instagram later this week as well.

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