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Release of Dokudamicha, 2020

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The first of this year's teas have arrived đŸŒ± We are expanding our tea collection to include a range of teas, several of which rarely are found outside of Japan. Among these will include a collection of Japanese herbal teas—often drunk for medicinal purposes—though those we have selected are delightful to drink as well.⁠

To start, I present dokudamicha, an herbal tea blend that roughly translates to "10 medicines." Dokudami, or houttuynia cordata, is a flowering herb that blooms in May and is often drunk as a detoxifying tea. Our producer blended dokudami with 9 other plants including loquat, oolong leaves, hojicha, and goji berries to craft a warming everyday drinker that tastes of malt, roasted rice, and sweetened kanten jelly.