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Japanese Oolongs & Several Shop Updates

You may be surprised that this year's collection includes an oolong from Japan, and indeed, people that visit the shop often ask if our oolong is from elsewhere. Japanese oolongs are limited in production and rarely leave the country, but they are growing in popularity and I expect they will become easier to find.

Why the new interest in oolong tea in Japan? The explosive growth in milk tea and boba is one part of the explanation; the other is that it has been historically desirable to import well-crafted Taiwanese oolongs. As Japanese teas become better known outside the country, producers are finding new markets and are able to experiment with less common processing styles. This oolong's producer crafts oolongs almost exclusively.

The oolong we present this year is made from the benifūki cultivar, a cultivar that stems from Indian assams. It has some briskness and robustness as one would find in an Indian Assam black tea (or perhaps English breakfast), as well as the floral aroma and finish that comes from crafting lighter oolong teas. I prefer this oolong in the afternoon, and it can stand up well alongside a savory meal.

From Koseto, Shizuoka, Japan. Harvested May 2020 (first flush) and crafted using a Taiwanese oolong roasting machine.

Shop Updates

2020 continues to surprise! Sadly, we will be moving out of our Dogpatch shop in early September. Please don't worry—we are not going anywhere! We have begun a search for a new space and will hopefully stay nearby. We plan to take this search slow, given the current circumstances, and may go online-only for a bit. I will be sure to share more details as they unfold in the coming weeks.

Our online shop continues to offer complimentary shipping, and I am excited to find new ways to share matters of tea information with you in the meantime. Thank you very much for your patience, support, and understanding 🙇🏻‍♀️

PS: We also have a new url at teawithtekuno.com! tekunotekuno.com should point to our new website, but it may not go through over the next day, so please visit our new site.

Tin Refill Program

For tea aficionados, we have a tin refill program if you purchase our reusable tea canister. Simply leave a comment in the Notes section at checkout that you would like to take part and we will include a prepaid return label for your tin, which you can send back and receive 10% off your next tea purchase. We will fill your tea directly in the tin to reduce packaging waste.

If you have already purchased a tin and would like to participate, send us an email at hello@tekunotekuno.com and we would be happy to send you a return label for your tin refill.

As always, please emailcall, or DM on Instagram any tea questions you have—I would love to help!

Stay safe and healthy,


"In order to serve the guest a memorable bowl of tea, the host prepares the tea room with great care, selecting flowers in season and tasteful implements and furnishings suitable to the particular occasion, so as to give the guest a sense of fulfillment and spiritual richness."

—Genshitsu Sen, Sōshitsu Sen, Urasenke Chadō Textbook

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