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How to Brew Gyokuro ūüĆŅ

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As promised, I have been working on new ways to share tea knowledge with you until we may meet again in person. This year, we began to carry a single green tea that represents not only the pinnacle of Japanese teas but also of its class: Gyokuro, Hoshinohien.

Hand-picked and cared for the same way the highest grades of ceremonial matcha are, gyokuro in Japan are typically reserved for special occasions, whereas senchas are an "everyday" tea. The gyokuro industry relies on a similar set of grading standards as matcha, with price correlating 1:1 with quality. The majority of serious gyokuro producers specialize in only gyokuro and matcha and sell gyokuro at every grade (which enables them to sell their entire crop of tea).

The method for brewing gyokuro differs quite a bit from brewing senchas. Designed to extract a thick, viscous broth with no bitterness, this method takes a bit of time, but it will be unlike any other tea experience you have had.

Please enjoy the video below on how to brew gyokuro. If you find it useful, let me know with what other tea topics you are interested to learn about in future videos!

Watch the Video

Youtube Video How to Brew Gyokuro

The highest grades of gyokuro have high amounts of umami; a rich brew and long finish; and uniform, needle-like tea leaves with a beautiful sheen. We carry just one gyokuro from our renowned producer in Fukuoka, Japan: the highest grade they produce. It is such a treat that I am honored to be able to share with you.

(We are almost out of stock but have another shipment on its way‚ÄĒplease add your name to the waitlist if it is sold out!)

See Gyokuro, Hoshinohien 2020

As a final note, we have a number of new teas and ceramics coming soon that I am so excited to share with you. They are in production¬†or on their way from Japan and here in the States‚ÄĒthank you very much for your continued support and for¬†entrusting Tekuno with your tea journey.

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