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With chilly mornings finally upon us‚ÄĒfrost and snow for friends up north‚ÄĒa warm cup of tea, breakfast in bed and a well-worn¬†book may be just what we need to close this year right.

Our holiday gift sets are lovingly wrapped with box, bow and your gift note, hand-written on Tekuno stationary. Alongside the holiday gift sets, you can also build a custom gift set or gift a subscription. If not ordering a set, please mention your order is a gift in the Comments section of Checkout so we know to wrap it.

In lieu of a holiday sale, we are donating 15% of Holiday Tea Trio purchases to 826 National, a non-profit that offers after school tutoring and writing services to at-risk youth. Having volunteered at 826's San Francisco chapter, I can speak wholeheartedly as to the tutoring services' impact, which is even more important with pandemic-related school shutdowns.

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Holiday Tea Trio

We may not have favorite teas from our collection, but there are some we return to time and again for warming, sweet brews. We have compiled three teas with depth, umami and sweetness for green tea lovers.

15% of Holiday Tea Trio purchases will be donated to 826 National.

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Tasting Teapot Set

For loved ones who enjoy the nuances of loose leaf teas but prefer a fuss-free, modern teapot, this tasting pot from Hario is my go-to. It brews as well as some of my traditional teapots with a strainer at the spout that allows the leaves to fully extract. We spent several months searching for an approachable teapot, and these glass pots from Hario produce my favorite brews.

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Salt-Fired Cup Set

Sarah Koik's sipping cups are both sturdy and delicate. She gently carves a near-nonexistent foot that looks so elegant when held in your hand. I met Sarah through the purchase of a salt-fired cup from one of her previous firings, and it has grown even more beautiful with patina over time.

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Tokoname Kyusu Set

Our go-to recommendation when one is looking for a¬†classic Japanese teapot¬†that is produces exceptional results. This wheel-thrown kyusu is made from clay in¬†Tokoname, a region famous for unglazed ceramics. Like a cast-iron pan,¬†these pots age with time, brewing softer, sweeter teas the longer you use it. This pot is made in the "hira"‚ÄĒflat‚ÄĒstyle, which also helps extract an umami-laden cup.

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