Freshly roasted hojicha, Valentine's tea, & new projects

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It was Lunar New Year last week, and we drank koicha in my chado (Japanese tea ceremony) class to celebrate. Auspicious symbols found at the beginning of the year—pine, cranes, and bamboo—were hung in my teacher's home alongside small mice (nezumi / ねずみ) tchotchkes dressed in red ribbons.

And did you drink obukucha this new year? We drank our honyama sencha with umeboshi and a knot of kelp in hopes of good fortune; this beverage is more of a soup that could do with a bit of miso if we are speaking strictly about flavor.

We have been working on a number of projects this January. Take a look below and we hope to see you for tea soon.
  • On the evening of Friday, February 7th and the afternoon of the 8th, we will be hosting February tea tastings at Workshop Residence, a gallery located in the Dogpatch that collaborates with artists and designers from around the world. Please make your reservation here.
  • On Saturday, February 15th, we will host a Morning Valentine's Tea with Fig & Thistle Market in the Castro. We will taste two teas from our collection, as well as sip our honyama sencha as a savory ochazuke (tea rice soup). Please reserve your spot here.
  • We will be releasing two new teas later in February: freshly roasted hojicha and a special tea I am eager to unveil. Both will be served at our February tastings.
  • Please have a look our newest project, Aware: a digital journal where we share works of modern art and culture that reflect principles found in chado. We hope you enjoy.
  • Finally—and what we are especially excited about—we will be opening a shop in the Dogpatch in the coming months. Please keep an eye out for our opening date soon.

Wishing you warmth,