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Our donation to Campaign Zero and blueberry mochi

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As we round the corner to a new week, I am reminded of a zen phrase: itai dōshin (異体同心・いたいどうしん), which means "different bodies, same mind." The phrase refers to seeking solace in kindred spirits or like-minded people. This is the feeling that keeps bringing me hope throughout these challenging few months: different people, learning, listening, and experiencing life together.

Last week, we decided to donate 100% of profits from Saturday's mochi sales to Campaign Zero, an organization dedicated to police reform through policy. We sold out of mochi (a second week in a row!) and, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for enabling Tekuno to contribute to the movement.

This Week's Mochi Pick-Up

We are reprising our seasonal mochi box filled with blueberry compote from Triple Delight Blueberries, a farm based in California near San Joaquin Valley. Their berries are mouthwatering by any standard (you can find them at the SF Ferry Building Farmer's Market), and we are excited to catch them once more before blueberry season ends at the end of the month. This week's mochi also includes organic sweet white bean paste and toasted walnuts.

New Teaware from Akiko Tsuji

You may have noticed a collection of hand-built teaware that perfectly captures the spirit of wabi in the windows of our shop. They are from Akiko Tsuji, a local designer, ikebana artist, and ceramist, and we are pleased to share this line of teaware she made just for us. The teaware line was inspired by the Japanese Azuchi-Momoyama period, which embodies a wabi-sabi aesthetic principle in shape and appearance.

We also have a few cream colored pieces and her visual book Vase and Flower—please email or call us to inquire.

Learn about Japanese Tea Types

For those of you who are philomaths, we have compiled a shortlist of Japanese teas here. The list breaks down nuances in sencha steaming and includes lesser known teas such as batabatacha. Consider it your pocket encyclopedia should you be lost in a tea shop!

Updated Shop Hours

We are opening slowly but surely. Our new hours are Thursdays - Saturdays from 1-5pm. Stop by for tea, discourse, or anything in between.

Wishing you well—and until next week,


“There is something revealing in the insistence with which a people will question itself during certain periods of its growth. It is a moment of reflective repose before we devote ourselves to action again.”

—Octavio Paz