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Autumn matcha

Living in temperate California, I sometimes forget the cyclical nature of agriculture. Tea is seasonal, with different harvest and production times, and it reminds me to better understand and reconnect with nature.

Tsubokiri (壺切)—literally, "breaking the seal"—refers to the autumn tradition of opening and tasting the year's harvest of ceremonial matcha and gyokuro for the first time. As mentioned in previous emails, producers typically "rest" gyokuro (and matcha) for at least four to six months. This mellows the bitter notes and brings out the umami flavors. Tsubokiri teas are only sold in October and November.

We will be sharing two tsubokiri matcha from Kyoto at a pop-up on November 9th. Though these matcha are not from the producer we have been working with this year, we are delighted to share them with you for the month of November. Details below.

Please join us as we close out the year:

  • Sat, 11/9: Autumn matcha tasting at Legion SF. Tickets available here. A very small quantity of the tsubokiri matcha we taste will be available to take home if you prepare matcha yourself.
  • 11/16-12/24: We will have four new teas (3 sencha and a kukicha) and special teaware available for over a month at The Voyager Shop in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. We are hosting events most weekends, and I will be at the SF shop most days in the afternoon. Stop by anytime to say hi! Details for our Voyager events here.
  • Sat, 11/16: On our launch day for the Voyager pop-up, we will host an evening celebration in collaboration with one of Voyager's other pop-up artists. More details to come, but you can expect a lively time and tea-infused cocktails.


Originally shared in our newsletter on October 24, 2019

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