Disposable Chopsticks Lampshade / Keiji Ashizawa

Disposable chopstick lampshade by Keiji Ashizawa Design

Photos courtesy of Keiji Ashizawa Design

"A basket which can transform into a lamp shade created by disposable chopsticks. This type of chopsticks are often used for special occasions such as New Years feasts, and use timber with premium quality and crafted with attention to details. In order to assemble it, the chopsticks were inserted into a 3D printed base plate structure. It can be used in various ways such as a ceiling pendant lamp or a table lamp"

via Keiji Ashizawa Design for @_basketclub_

Materials for disposable chopstick lampshade by Keiji Ashizawa Design
Constructing disposable chopstick lampshade
Disposable chopstick lampshade